Expert Weapon: Kitchen space utilization Tips

1.Choose one of the kitchen in the power, if not select the electrical business, then we should note that, in the amount of size, must be reserved for the location of its own electrical, water and electricity to consider. Meanwhile, more trouble for the installation of hood, preferably before the installation of equipment cabinets, to prevent post-installation problems caused by lack of space, and refrigerator, microwave, dishwasher and other appliances installed more easily, you can then re-installed cabinet placement.

2. The wall can not be a waste of space, install a row of small hook, you can hang put seasonings, kitchen utensils, etc., to increase storage space, but also more convenient.

3. For the kitchen to add small green plants, bonsai pots only, the space immediately become more angry, but also will not look cluttered.

4. Storage principle of proximity, such as most in need of pots and pans, the fit on the stove to the bottom of cabinet for easy pick up; some not commonly used tools, dried soup, nice cup glass, etc., then can be placed at the top of the wall cabinets; Farm sink below the space humidity, can be used to place the footstool, plastic trash can, cleaning supplies, etc..

5. Kitchen corner cabinet work area can swivel base cabinet, in full bloom oil, rice, large cooking utensils, dishes porcelain, needed just spin out of the cabinet, but also conducive to extract; In addition, the drawer Purchase a few lattice, can be used to put different small kitchen divided.

6. Is fitted with anti-slip bar stool, children and senior citizens to avoid slipping when stepping stool.

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