How to Use a Trash Can

Every household has a trash can to dispose of their daily waste. Some households even have a trash can in every room. It is important that these trash cans are used correctly in order to follow city ordinances, minimize odors and keep wild animals from opening the trash bags and making messes in the yard. Following a few simple rules will help you get the best use out of your trash can.

1.Sprinkle a layer of baking soda into the bottom of your trash can. This will prevent garbage odors from traveling up and out of your trash can into the room.

2.Line your trash can with a trash bag. Any type of trash bag will do. You can use a twist-tie or a drawstring, as long as the bag is durable enough that it won’t rip when you finish filling it up.

3.Contact your local waste management facility to find out which items should not be placed in your household trash cans. Most counties do not allow you to dispose of chemicals, batteries, dead animals, construction materials, dirt, bleach, fertilizers, aerosol cans or fluorescent lightbulbs in your trash can. Only fill your trash cans with items that are not on your city’s list.

4.Close the trash bag up with either the drawstring or the twist-tie. Do this once the bag is full. Set the trash bag in an outdoor trash can.

5.Cover your outdoor trash can with a lid. Make sure the lid is secure so no animals can get inside to rummage through your garbage. Set the trash can out on the curb on the day designated by your township.

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