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A Brief History of Garbage Cans [2010-12-28]

Garbage cans have been around for a very long time. Historically it is very difficult to trace the exact date of their origin however many evidences are available regarding the time period around which waste disposal techniques were seriously considered. Ever since man was created he used some means for getting rid of unwanted materials. It was buried in land, thrown in the sea, fed to animals or burnt. However for a very long time when people were uncivilized they preferred to keep anything and everything that had the slightest chance of being reused.

Due to improper mechanism for disposing waste, heaps of garbage and litter would pile up. It was prone to great risk of contamination. The risk materialized when in 1350 "black plague" erupted and more than 25 million people from all over Europe fell victim to it in just five years. That is when the Government started to look seriously into the matter of garbage disposal and appointed people for collecting waste.

Since then many waste disposal techniques have evolved and in the European countries it has earned the reputation of an industry. The use of waste haulers, incinerators and loaders has made garbage disposal highly sophisticated. Trash collectors are an integral part of the European societies and to ease their task people gather the waste in garbage cans and keep them outside to ease their collection and removal.

Owing to the varying requirements of disposing trash on the commercial and residential basis, many different types of bins have been developed. Each type is perfectly suited for its specific purpose. Over the entire history of trashing, covered, uncovered, step on and foot opening waste cans have facilitated throwing the garbage in a hygienic and touch free manner. Lids and locked covers prevent waste contamination and trash dispersion as well as avert foul smell and odor from spreading. However if you are travelling or in a place where there are no plastic trash cans available then it is better to use practically any container for trashing purpose than to throw it away randomly.

Proper waste disposal and garbage removal procedures are a symbol of civilized nations. For centuries man has tried to improve himself and his surroundings and emergence of trash cans is one of the major creations in that respect. The great advantages they have to offer have mad them household commodity. Whether indoor or outdoor, in your home or in a mall, you can not go on for long without looking for a garbage can near by to throw away some kind of trash.