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"Buried Trash" facility for improvement and wish practical [2010-12-01]

Report from our correspondent (reporter SheHui) to overcome the community of trash can send out gm now stench, be mosquito musca shortcomings, wu changna lake central garden community June built 180 "buried trash". However, this city is still in the rare new bins, trial after a few weeks met residents does not adapt, garbage transporting company bother such issues, temporarily idle.

Yesterday, meet readers reflect upon, reporter to this community research, found "a buried trash" useless as long as there are many bad: trample switch, cannot open the lid, the original is artificial bang up.

Residents' committees ZhangShuJing introduction, because the original secretary of  Plastic Trash Can, exposing the filthiness smelly exists and much more. Earlier this year, the community to apply to the area street 10 million yuan capital, will all trash into "buried". But some residents in use, leading to pedal switch not spare more damage. In addition, the cleaning companies transporting contracted rubbish, "said a buried garbage bins" qing, inside ash-bin of transporting machinery don't match with existing, workload also increased, as did not increase the qing freight and equipments, cleaning companies hard to cooperate. Results, community again use original trash can, cause some residents complain.

Residents reflect more is buried trash "Buried Trash"switch clang very loud, and the rain will sink in. But some people say the trash can, buried in the ground above, make the community more clean and beautiful, is a good idea, now the effect is not ideal, completely possible improvement, including residents and sweeps clear garbage habits and ways. ZhangShuJing said that at present residents' committees are actively improve, expected years can be put to use.