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Get the Best With a Step Trash Can [2011-02-14]

If you are in the market for a new plastic trash can for your kitchen then you should take a look at the new step trash can models that are being sold. They are very durable, extremely easy to use and come in many different styles and sizes.

One of the more popular brands of the step trash can is made by Simplehuman and one of their more innovative and extremely popular models is the semi-round step trash can. Users love how easy it is to use and clean and how well it fits in their kitchens.

They are made of an extremely durable stainless steel material that is dent proof and comes with a plastic lid on the top. This model has plenty of room for whatever garbage or trash you want to throw in it as it is a handy 10-1/2-gallon size. Its shape is super convenient because it is an extremely space efficient, semi-round shape which many home owners find is ideal for busy areas like the kitchen.

Plus this step trash can also comes with a very handy slim profile type of hinge on the lid, which allows for it to fit super close up against the wall in your kitchen. The lid works by stepping on the wide solid steel platform like pedal, which is very easy to reach from any angle. It is extremely easy to use when your hands are full or you want to keep them clean and germ-free, because no hands are needed to open it.

If you want it to stay open as you dump a lot of garbage or paper plates in it then you also have the option to keep it open for awhile. To do that you simply push it back past the 90 degree angle and it will stay there.

You will find it very easy to clean because it comes with a fingerprint proof finish to help keep the lid and body smudge free. Plus you never have to worry about dents again as it has a dent proof plastic inner bucket. If you ever have garbage bag problems, with this model it is not an issue because it features a smart bucket bag change system that eliminates the need for a messy bag overhang and makes it much easier to take out the trash.