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Heavy Duty Plastic Pallets [2010-08-02]

Before we get onto heavy duty plastic pallets, let’s first talk about what pallets really are. According to Wikipedia, a pallet is a flat transport structure that supports goods in a stable manner while lifting with a fork lift or jack ladder. Before shipping, goods are placed on pallets and secured with straps or wrapping.

The cheapest pallets are made of softwood but they last only for a single trip, after which they are trashed. The best pallets are considered to be the ones made of plastic like HDPE or PET. They are durable and weather resistant. In addition to this, they last for more than one hundred trips.

Because plastic pallets are quite expensive when compared to wood, they are only used by logistic services that can benefit from their use because of durability and stacking ability, which allows for more products to be sent through a single trip.

They are available in many different varieties and you must know the weight of the product before you choose one. Here are some of the most common types of plastic pallets:

* Rackable pallets are the strongest and can withstand weight on an open rack. You can get them in light duty and heavy duty.
* Stackable pallets have a bottom deck so they can be stacked on top of loaded pallets without damaging goods.
* Nestable pallets have a space saving advantage because they nest inside each other.
* Export pallets are inexpensive and designed only for one way use.
* Drum pallets are designed to contain drums and are available in qualities like spill containment.

Heavy duty plastic pallets were introduced after World War II and have become popular with transport and shipping companies because of their many qualities. Some business to business websites sell them online but for a big order it is better to contact the manufacturer directly.