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Outdoor Trash Can [2010-12-03]

1.Shop for a trash can with convenience in mind. Even with curbside pickup, you still have to deal with getting your trashcan down to the road in the first place. Make your job easier by buying a trash can that has big, sturdy wheels and a comfortable handle for wheeling up and down the driveway.

2.Keep animals from getting into your outdoor trash can. If you live in an area that is prone to nocturnal scavengers, consider buying a metal trash can. Pests, such as raccoons, can chew through even heavy-duty plastic trash cans. Secure the outer lid with a bungee cord to prevent raccoons from getting inside.

3.Determine what size outdoor trash can suits your lifestyle. If you produce a lot of trash, shop for a larger trash can. One thing to consider, however, is its portability. Don't purchase a trash can that becomes too heavy for you to move once it's full.

4.Buy an outdoor trash can with appeal. If you live in a neighborhood governed by a strict homeowner's association, there may be rules dictating what type of outdoor trash can you use. Look for an outdoor container that is visually appealing.

5.Choose an outdoor trash can that is distinctive. Garbage collectors are not always careful about placing empty trash cans onto their respective driveways, so buy a can that the neighbors will have no doubt belongs to you.