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Plastic pallet box advantages [2010-12-27]

Compared with the traditional wooden pallets, plastic pallet box has the following several advantages:
1.the durability: plastic pallet boxes wooden pallets over the life of Hefei is about 10 times.
2.the reliability of: plastic pallet boxes greatly reduced the reliability structure of the damage tray consumption and damage to the pallets of material damage caused by pallets, plastic pallet boxes wooden pallets than the same weight, so a reduction of transport weight and cost.
3.the health of: plastic pallet box can be cleaned and reused, the U.S. Department of Agriculture is promoting the use of plastic card companies crate bearing products. And now the EPA is also aware that should the plastic pallet boxes as the U.S. Department of Energy and the U.S. Department of Defense preferred products.
4.the global trend: the current requirements of the EC has issued a decree in 2001, all food, beverage, pharmaceutical transportation must use a plastic pallet boxes.
5.Specificity: plastic pallet boxes in the special commodity markets will become increasingly popular, such as: food, beverage, pharmaceutical industry, and according to the requirements of different plants, the plastic pallet boxes made of various colors, plus the appropriate company logo and tag. the plastic pallet boxes of anti-damaging, a corresponding reduction in workers compensation claims, and factories to reduce use of wood is equal to the reduction of fire insurance premiums.
7.salvage: used plastic pallet boxes may be the original value of 30% of the price, because the Tianjin plastic pallet boxes can sell back to the manufacturers of anti-or other entity in order to re-use.
8.Environmental Protection: plastic pallet boxes are environmentally friendly products, because they can all be recycled and re-use, greatly reducing the waste and disposal costs. of forests: the use of plastic pallet boxes to prevent tens of thousands of acres of forest loss each year.