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Plastic pallets are used widely [2010-09-16]

Nowadays, transportation companies are using different materials to ship goods. In the US, most of the goods are transported via trucks using the massive interstate system that the country has. These goods are usually transported on pallets as it helps to make the loading and unloading process easy and simple.

However, now transportation companies are using pallets that are made from different material. While it is common to see wooden pallets, plastic pallets are slowly getting popular. The main reason for this is that to make the wooden pallets wood is required. Many of the lumber companies are not using sustainable methods to cut down the trees and as a result this is leading to massive deforestation and having an adverse effect on the environment. Also, the demand for timber is higher than the rate at which it can be replenished. Hence, the price of wood is on the rise. All these factors have had an impact on the transportation industry and causing it to move towards plastic pallets.

There are some benefits to using pallets made from plastic. For one, these pallets do not retain the odor of the goods that have been transport, something that happens with wooden pallets. So, pallets made from plastic are perfect for transporting food items and aromatic items. Also, these pallets are easier to maintain as they can be cleaned without worrying about them rotting. The lifespan of these pallets is much longer than wooden pallets. In case the plastic pallets break, they can be recycled very easily.

In addition, pallets made from plastic can be fitted with RFID chips and this can make the tracking of inventory very easy. All the company needs to do is scan the chips. In addition, plastic pallets are very presentable and hence, a business can immediately transfer the pallets to the display floor doing away the need of maintaining an inventory.