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Plastic trash can and garbage bin [2011-03-04]

Plastic trash can, garbage bin, as one of the most basic sanitation facilities, seemingly small, but the effect is obvious. Therefore, the reasonable standard configuration, to facilitate the mass drop of skin debris and maintain the quality of environmental sanitation, clean beautify the urban environment, enhance urban civilization has played a crucial role.
In recent years, our region in the trash, although the configuration of the garbage bin has increased the number of upgrading and increasing the intensity, but still can not meet the needs of the masses, there are several problems:
First, the people and roads in the busy main road although a small amount of waste collection set to the "two-color''garbage bin, but fell into disrepair, badly damaged.
Second, the people on both sides of the trash placed an unreasonable way, way more intensive settlement east of the trash, and are rarely seen west of the trash, and trash worn, dirty surroundings poor.
Third, the trash is too old style appearance, and the modern city of Qingdao, host of 2008 Olympic Sailing Competition and the city's standards do not match.
First, the people and roads busy trunk road trash, garbage bin to update and maintain.
Second, trash, garbage bin configuration to be scientific and rational, practical needs, such as busy roads, intersections, railway stations around the flow of people to increase the number of large areas.
Third, trash or garbage bin should not only look elegant but also economical and practical, damage and theft can not easily be fixed to meet the needs of the masses.
Fourth, trash, garbage bin to regular maintenance, clean-up day in a timely manner to ensure that trash, garbage bin and clean the surrounding environment.