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Some people throw cigarette butts caused by fire several times [2011-01-24]

Yesterday, No 1548 Dalian Road, who lives in the building DING Lake to the newspaper, and they act uncivilized individuals inside the building, throw cigarette butts in particular, has resulted in a fire at least 3 times.

Fire out of the window quilt

Yesterday afternoon, the reporter went to the Lake House, which is a residential and commercial buildings.

Ms. Ding said that at noon that day, she was taking a nap at home, 23rd Floor, exclaimed suddenly woke to the sound waves out the window. It turned out that a family of 21 F, drying out of a quilt suddenly caught fire, "Mars falling down one after another, but the wind blew open upstairs", and soon turned into a raging fire. DING quickly put away their own quilt, so the fire spread upward.

Fortunately, there are two people that family home, a turn on the water, a water, ran back and forth several times, only put the fire out, but the downstairs of the quilt and more families are different degrees of sun burn.

Later, the property company, 21st floor, knocking over (total 28 floors high) and more families ask, throw cigarette butts warned the serious consequences of this uncivilized behavior, but no one recognized.

Smoke to take the trash

This is a thrilling fire, not the Lake House, the first encounter "cigarette crisis."

Ms. Ding said that the second three weeks ago, 11th floor corridor that pop up inside a trash can smoke, "plastic trash can are burned out, thanks to the residents found early, timely and water put out the fire, or else." She said that due to the complexity out of Rulai Ke building personnel, mobility, many households (including workers) consciousness is not enough, often the corridor when the "smoking area", smoked cigarette butts thrown on the rubbish bins at random.

She said that even earlier, the building has a garbage smoke billowing smoke quickly spread to other floors, including their own homes. She found the situation immediately after the alarm. Fortunately, that fire was successfully extinguished.

3 fire behind it, are cigarette butts in the trouble. Lake property company admitted a charge, he also met in this situation. Once, some people throw cigarette butts in the fire corridor door in the corner, "I smell the smell, the open door, the door has been burning up a mop." In order to avoid some people throw cigarette butts in the corner, the property company will simply trash next to the door of each floor are demolished. He said that at present, the property company to consider the views of residents in the building facades to install the probe 8, capture and stop the uncivilized behavior.