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The cigarette cast into the indoor trash can [2010-12-22]

Safe use of fire. Another family source of fire is a fire. There are mosquitoes in winter, the family will point mosquito insecticide, and the winter cold, more than a bed quilt, quilt bed easily after falling point of contact with the mosquito coils and cause a fire. Therefore, the family is best to use electric mosquito repellent. In addition, the men lost when smokers throw cigarette butts in the ashtray in the fixed or indoor trash can and to ensure that cigarette butts off, put a little in the ashtray cigarette butts off flooding. There was not a result of cigarette butts in an ashtray out directly to the trash barrel ashtray debris caused by the dumping of trash on fire in the fire. In addition, men do not smoke in bed.

Worship in rural areas, the custom of burning incense. Placed around the candle holder or candlestick dumping of flammable materials are prone to fire. In this regard, the rural residents to try to candle placed in a separate environment, surrounded by non-combustible material.