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Trash Can And Waste Container Information [2010-12-17]

Waste containers are called a lot of things but in the end they are used for mainly one purpose, a place for us to put our garbage. Waste containers are sometimes referred to as plastic trash cans, waste receptacles, garbage cans, trash containers, rubbish bins, waste containers and the list goes on. There are two main categories of commercial trash cans; ones that are used for garbage and ones that are used for recycling. Trash cans that are used for general garbage come is all different types, sizes, colors and styles. Some trash containers have ashtrays built in and are made for smoking areas and building entrance ways. Waste containers are also made out of different materials. Waste containers are made from materials such as plastic, stainless steel, cement and chrome. Different styles of waste containers are used for different purposes and by purchasing different color trash containers you can specify that types of garbage that goes into each.