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Trash Control [2010-12-09]

Trash should be removed from the truck each day. You should keep the yellow, red or blue plastic trashcan on the truck at all times. Most people have trash in their cars; empty water bottles, newspapers, fast food wrappers, receipts, etc. You can find almost anything in people's cars. Believe us, we have stories. At the end of a good car wash day you will have an ample supply of trash and recyclables. If you don't pick it up, you will have it all over the truck. Make sure your workers also deposit their trash and food items in the trashcan. If you see a homeless person poking through a dumpster for recyclables, tell your crew to go get him and give him the aluminum cans out of the truck plastic trash can. If you spot trash while walking up to an office or on your way back to the truck, pick up where rude people have left off. Always think spotless! Every little thing you do will leave impressions in people's minds. You never know when you might pick up a piece of trash right as the property manager drives up.

If you will follow these ideas for your work truck or on a trailer you build your self or buy from the Industry Leader (I am not affiliated with that company) you should think about using diamond plate for accent trim, image and function. You must always keep the trash away from the inside of your unit as it takes away from your image of being professional car care specialist, mobile car washer or auto detailer. Storage boxes will improve efficiency and keep everything tidy for enhanced public relations and customer perception. Think about it.